Become a Wildcard IT Affiliate


The Wildcard IT affiliate scheme allows you to refer and earn.

Once your affiliate account is activated, you will receive a set of unique referral codes which you can distribute to earn when one of these codes is used. These affiliate codes provide the same discount to the user signing up. All affiliate codes offer 20% off membership and 20% affiliate reward.

For example, you give a friend one of your unique discount codes for 20% off a monthly membership. Your friend pays just $20 instead of $25 for a months membership. You will receive an additional 20% (in this case, $5) in affiliate rewards.

An affiliate reward becomes valid 60 days after the referral code has been used. All affiliate payouts are made through PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to accept this. Payouts are made after $25 has been earned by the affiliate.

Sign up to the Wildcard IT affiliate scheme below to start earning. One of our representatives will respond with your affiliate codes.



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