VMware Certified Professional 6 — Desktop and Mobility Exam

2V0-651 VCP6-DTM

Course Introduction

1. 2V0-651 Exam Introduction

We look at the prerequisites of the 2V0-651 exam which must be passed in order to gain the VCP6-DTM: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Desktop and Mobility certification. We learn the exam topics and objectives.


Install Horizon (with View) Server Components

2. Install Horizon View Connection Server

We install the Horizon View 6 Connection Server, learning the system requirements, the types of connection servers, how to configure Windows Firewall and set the default administrator.

3. License Horizon View Connection Server

We learn that we must license the Horizon View Connection Server before it can be used, even in a test environment. We walkthrough the process of licensing the connection server.

4. Create a Certificate Template

In this chapter, we create a certificate template for use with VMware Horizon View using a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Certificate Authority (CA).

5. Certificate Enrollment for Horizon View

Using the SSL certificate template we created in the previous chapter, we learn how to use Active Directory auto enrollment to assign a certificate to our VMware Horizon View Connection Server.

6. View Events Database

We learn why it is advantageous to configure an Events Database. We setup this database in this chapter.

7. Configure vCenter Permissions

In this chapter, we learn why we should connect our Horizon View environment to our existing VMware vCenter infrastructure. We use a previously created Active Directory domain account to link the two environments.

8. Add vCenter Server to Horizon View

We use the account we granted vCenter permissions to in the previous chapter to add the vCenter server to our Horizon View environment. We learn the advantages of View Storage Accelerator.

9. Horizon View Administrator Privileges

In this chapter, we learn about Access Groups, Roles and Administrator privileges in Horizon View. We create a privilege based on an Active Directory group.

10. Horizon View RADIUS Authentication

We learn how to configure Smart Card authentication and look at the required settings for configuring RADIUS authentication.

11. Objective Review – Installation and Configuration

Test your knowledge of the 2V0-651 exam objective ‘Installation and Configuration’ using this test.


Configuring Manual Desktop Pools

12. Install Horizon View Agent

We begin our look into Manual Pools by installing the Horizon View Agent on a physical machine. We learn the advantages the View Agent can bring us, such as Virtual Printing and HTML Access.

13. Manual Desktop Pool – Physical Machine

Continuing from the previous chapter, we create a Manual Desktop Pool with the physical machine we previously prepared. We learn how to entitle users to this pool.

14. Manual Desktop Pool – Virtual Machine

We create a Manual Desktop Pool from a virtual machine contained within our vCenter server. We learn how we can used the bandwidth efficient PCoIP display protocol.

15. Install VMware Horizon View Client

Before we connect to any of our Desktop Pools, we must install the Horizon View Client on our client machine. We learn how to do this and some of the features installing this enables.

16. Connecting to a Manual Desktop Pool

We use the VMware Horizon View Client to connect to our previously created Manual Desktop Pools. We learn some basic troubleshooting if we are able to connect.

17. Objective Review – Manual Desktop Pools

Test your knowledge of the 2V0-651 exam objective ‘Manual Desktop Pools’ using this test.

Course Description:

This Desktop and Mobility course will teach you what you need to know to pass the 2V0-651 exam and gain the VCP6-DTM certification. This course is similarly useful for those wishing to learn or gain more in-depth knowledge of VMware Horizon View.


Technology Covered:
  • VMware Horizon View
  • VMware Horizon View Cloud Pod Architecture
  • VMware Mirage
  • VMware Workspace Portal


Relevant Certifications:
  • VCP6-DTM


Recommended Auidence:
  • IT professional
  • Basic virtualization experience
  • Experience of working in an enterprise environment



Designed for those aiming to gain the VCP6-DTM certification. Free and interactive training for Horizon with View including Horizon View Cloud Pod architecture, VMware Mirage and VMware Workplace Portal.


This course is not related to, endorsed or sponsored by VMware.

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