About Us

Wildcard IT Training was established due to the founder’s frustrations at the cost and complexity of training for IT certifications. Spending thousands on expensive hardware to setup complex lab environments is a headache no-one needs. After this comes the hugely expensive training where a week’s learning in a classroom can cost thousands.

Focused Training.

Our training is highly focused on exam objectives, specifically designed to simulate the experience that training in a classroom environment brings. Instructions are given as to what to do next and this action needs to be performed. The objectives of each course directly relates to the exam objectives.

Free Training.

At Wildcard IT Training, we believe that everyone should be able to access the training required to gain IT certification. For this reason, all our training is available for free.

Interactive Training.

The best way to learn is to do. For this reason, all our training is designed around interactivity to get the user to actually do what they need to learn. We believe just reading or watching a video will not help anyone truly learn.

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